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August 29, 2013 Leo Windows For Sale

I live in a large colonial style home that has the original windows in it. Many people have asked why we haven’t replaced our single pane windows with double pane windows. I explain to them I love the look of single pane windows with their mahogany sashes. Besides, the windows in my living room and dining room are over 6 feet tall.

One day my son, Johnny, was outside playing baseball with a few of his friends in the backyard. His friend, Nathan, hit a stray ball, and it came soaring through the air and busted through one of the kitchen windows.

My husband and I discussed our options and agreed that we wanted to find a single pane window to replace our kitchen window. However, we didn’t know where to begin looking for single pane windows for sale.

single pane windows for saleWe started our search online. However, there aren’t that many companies that offer single pane windows for sale, and the ones we found didn’t offer the size that we needed. So, we decided to continue our search for single pane windows.

We next went to ask some of the residents in our city who had older homes where we should look. Many people didn’t know where to look; however, there were a couple of families who had needed to replace their single pane windows. They suggested we visit our city’s historical society for suggestions on where to find single pane windows.

We set up an appointment with the society and explained our plight. The society knew of several companies who sold single pane windows. They gave us the phone numbers of a couple of companies. We called each company and told them what we were looking for. All but one company said they didn’t have the size window that we needed. However, one did. So, we made an appointment to look at their selection.

When we arrived at the company, we were greeted by a friendly staff. The sales person immediately took us back to view the options they had available. Most of the windows had been painted; however, we did find one window that we thought would work. When we pulled the window out to look at it, we noticed that one corner of the window sash was chipped. We asked the sales person if he thought the window sash could be repaired. He said they had someone who could repair the sash for a minimal cost. The repairman said that it would take several days to fix the corner.

We went back three days later to pick up the window. It looked fabulous. The company not only repaired the chipped corner, he also put on a fresh coat of stain. The window looked fabulous!

We are so thankful that we were able to find a company that specialized in single pane windows for sale. Our new window has now been installed, and no one would ever guess that the window has been replaced.

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